Aruetii ba’jurir dajun


What’s Mando’a? Who are you guys? Who made all this?
Don’t worry; that’s why we have this about page!

1. What is Mando’a?
Mando’a is the language traditionally spoken by the Mandalorians in Star Wars.

2. Who made Mando’a?
Karen Traviss created Mando’a. Check it out on her website here.

3. What’s your copyright statement?
Mandalorian, Mando’a, and all Star Wars related materials copyright are owned by Lucasfilm, and Mando’a was created by Karen Traviss. This blog/podcast/program is completely non-profit and for informational and entertainment purposes.

4. Why are you doing this?
We love mandalorians. So, when Karen Traviss made a language for them, of course we jumped on that right away. On Star Wars Hyperspace, there is a language and grammer guide to Mando’a (soon to be mirrored on Karen Traviss’s website). We don’t want to reproduce that, due to copyright problems, but we want to help people learn the language. Simply looking at a dictionary and a grammer guide is a tough way to learn the language, so we made a simple to understand format, a program and podcast, just for you guys!

5. Where can I see Mando’a?
Mando’a is in the books Republic commando: Hard Contact, Republic commando: Triple Zero, and presumably in Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines. A grammer guide is in Star Wars Insider #86, so pick that up! Also, Star Wars Hyperspace members can go here for Mando’a resources. Non-hyperspace members should go here for the Mando’a language and grammer guides. There’s really no difference, and hyperspace doesn’t have an english-mando dictionary, so go to the latter link (which is Karen Traviss’s website).
6. I have a question about this. Who should I e-mail?
Please, e-mail us at However, we won’t do direct translations from the language guide, so please don’t bother asking.

7. I want to subscribe via iTunes. How do I do that?
One way to do that is to search for us on iTunes. If you can’t find us, or we aren’t listed there, go here and subscribe.


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